Siegal has served as Hollywood's 'It Girl' for awards season campaigns for years.

Variety is reporting that Hollywood publicist, Peggy Siegal, has been left on the cutting room floor by multiple major studios, including Netflix, FX, and Annapurna Pictures. Siegal reportedly worked her insider magic to get accused child sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, into Hollywood parties.

In the industry, Siegal is a major heavyweight when it comes to awards season races. For both TV and film, Siegal has shaped past parties that have paved the way for many of the top wins over the years. Last week, Netflix fired Siegal from participating in its ongoing Emmy campaign strategy. Stories in the New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter documented how she assisted in getting Epstein into A-list events. Part of the deal was Siegal allowing Epstein to pay for her travel expenses.

In addition to Netflix, Disney-owned FX Network confirmed Siegal will no longer work for the company. FX had previously employed Siegal to plan 'tastemaker' events for series like Trust and Feud throughout the awards season.

Annapunra Pictures had secured Siegal and her company to assist with the upcoming August premiere of Where'd You Go, Bernadette? in New York.

Variety received a statement from Siegal: "Over the years I invited him to attend a handful of my events. I did not know at the time - and did not learn until recently - that he had been abusing underage girls. That just wasn't common knowledge. Had I known that he had been accused of abusing underage girls, I would not have maintained a friendship with him. I am horrified as each of these women come forward and the accusations mount. I am deeply embarrassed by my relationship with him and that I allowed him to use me."

Over the years, Siegal had become known for her events, which typically served as vote-influencing parties for films, TV series, and performers. Many of her functions saw a mixture of high-profile entertainers, politicians, journalists, and members of high society. According to Variety, Siegal could earn well into five figures for her services.

Siegal hasn't retained a monopoly on flashy event services, however. Recently, names such as Andrew Saffir, Darin Pfeiffer, and Nicole Vecchiarelli have become in demand from studios and production teams. Their projects lie between glamorous, high society affairs and non-traditional events, like album release parties with an acute knowledge of current media trends.

This Siegal drama marks the first notable action in the 2019-20 awards season, which has yet to officially kick off.

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