Little opens above expectations.

Warner Bros.'s Shazam (#1) broke the streak of new number one films for the past five weeks by repeating its top finish for the second week in a row. The superhero flick earned an additional $25.1 million for a domestic total at $163.9 million.

The weekend's new entries were a little all over the place.

Universal's Little (#2) outperformed expectations, earning $15.5 million. THat debut was enough to secure the second place spot. It also earned a B+ CinemaScore , which means it could go either way next weekend.

Hellboy (#3) earned poor reviews and audiences didn't seem charmed by it, either. Lionsgate and Summit were hoping for a $17-20 million, but only earned right at $12 million.

United Artist released Laika's Missing Link (#9) on top of a hefty marketing campaign. The relentless adds on Hulu weren't enough to boost the animated film. It finished the weekend in ninth place with just $5.8 million.

And, Aviron's After (#8) finished its first weekend with $6 million.

In limited release, Mary Magdalene (#27) opened in 62 theatres and earned $62,436. Teen Spirit (#29) picked up $44,361 from four theatres. And, Her Smell (#31) earned $39,058 from three theatres.

Next weekend, competition will come from Fox's faith-based drama Breakthrough, Disney's nature doc Penguins, and Warner Bros. finally introduces The Curse of La Llorona.

TOP TEN: (bold signifies a new release)

1. SHAZAM! - $25.14 million

2. LITTLE - $15.49 million

3. HELLBOY - $12 million

4. PET SEMATARY - $10 million

5. DUMBO - $9.1 million

6. CAPTAIN MARVEL - $8.6 million

7. US - $6.9 million

8. AFTER - $6.2 million

9. MISSING LINK - $5.8 million

10. THE BEST OF ENEMIES - $2 million

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