Per a study from FilmLA, the Great White North is paving the way to be the new Hollywood.

For the first time, Canada is the number one production location for movies, according to FilmLA, the official film office of the Greater Los Angeles region, in a report looking at the Top 100 feature films at the domestic box office released within the U.S. during the 2017 calendar year. Previously, Georgia sat at the top of the list due to its incomparable tax incentives.

Canada's increase in production pushed it way above the U.K., counting by seven feature-length films over the same report from last year. Georgia decreased by two films, as did the United Kingdom. California saw an increase of 2 films, but that wasn't enough to lift it beyond fourth place.

Based on a graphic provided by FilmLA, here are the top eight spots:

- Canada: 20 (2017); 13 (2016)

- Georgia: 15 (2017); 17 (2016)

- United Kingdom: 15 (2017); 16 (2016)

- California: 10 (2017); 12 (2016)

- New York: 6 (2017); 6 (2016)

- Louisiana: 5 (2017); 6 (2016)

- Australia: 5 (2017); 4 (2016)

- France: 3 (2017); 2 (2016)

The FilmLA report points out, "For cost conscious filmmakers, the deals in Canada have been too good to ignore. The favorable exchange rate came at an ideal time in Canda, specifically for the production hubs inBritish Columbia and Ontario." The currency exchange rate between the country and the U.S. and the tax credit initiative helped Canada to gain the lead. The announcement also comes with a bit of an oversight, as the total films shot in Canada totaled 20 for 2017, with films being shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba. Instead of looking at the U.S. as a whole, like Canada, American cities are cited separately. If the U.S. was placed together as a whole, it would undoubtedly be at the top of the chart.

Los Angeles and New York City are the top spots for television production. L.A. has tried to earn more on-location productions in recent years, with a statewide tax incentive recently beginning.

Click here to see the full report from FilmLA.

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