The rules announcement comes a day after the Academy's own new rules announcement.

Coming on the heels of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announcement of new protocols in relation to the rules for the upcoming 91st Academy Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has also updated its rules prior to the upcoming 76th Golden Globe Awards.

The most prominent rule change comes after last year's win by Big Little Lies for Limited Series. After nominations for the 75th Golden Globe Awards were announced, with Big Little Lies racking up nominations in the limited series categories, HBO announced the limited series would return for a second season, meaning the show was indeed now in essence an actual series, not just limited.

That situation isn't completely avoidable, but the new rules listed by the HFPA clarifies "a television limited series that is later renewed for an additional season shall be classified as a series or again as a limited series in the later season depending on the degree of continuity in theme, storyline, main characters and production supervision from the original limited series to the later year of the series." This new rule would give some guidance for similar Big Little Lies situations, and leave the door open for series like American Horror Story to still be considered limited, if the seasons are indeed creatively separate.

Another rule update comes in response to studios perhaps taking advantage of loopholes comes in the form of genres of films. Most famously, Ridley Scott's The Martian competed and won as a comedy, despite being a clear drama with comedic elements. New, clear rules states "HFPA members may ask the submitting studio or publicist to also submit materials in support of any classifications. The director of a motion picture or television program that may have been misclassified as either a drama or a comedy may be required to submit a letter justifying the initial classification."

For acting categories, the HFPA solidifies rules around how actors can be submitted, especially when they are parts of a larger ensemble cast. "Actors in ensemble casts in television programs with comparable roles should be classified as all lead or all supporting actors. Supporting cast members in a motion picture must appear in a minimum of 5% of the motion picture's total program time. While cameo appearances are not eligible for acting awards, actors who play partially fictional characters and appear in a significant portion of a motion picture or television program are eligible."

Other minor changes include: "non-English language dubbed versions of motion pictures originally filmed in English may not be entered" in the Best Foreign Language Film category. And, "qualifying songs may not be performed live solely for HFPA members." This change could be in direct, self-policing of HFPA members, who've received criticism in the past for possibly being "bought" or overshadowed by celebrity, instead of clear quality and worth of film.

The HFPA has yet to announce the awards season dates for the 76th Golden Globe Awards.

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