Love pop culture? Love Hollywood? These podcasts are the perfect supplement to your morning commute.

Ever find yourself on the treadmill wishing you had something to listen to that was as captivating as clicking through the Us Weekly Snapchat story or gliding through a fresh copy of PEOPLE magazine? We've got you covered.

These 8 podcasts are the epitome of film-culture-meats-pop-culture. By listening to them, you'll find engaging conversations that celebrate the history of motion pictures, plus a heavy dose of relevant topics like the Royal Family and Rita Ora.

Love awards season? Most cover that extensively, offering insight into the biggest Hollywood parties, film reviews, and more.

Never be left speechless around the water-cooler again and, instead, be the one spreading the latest and most relevant goss with a fresh perspective thanks to these podcasts.

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Maybe it's unfair to include a podcast that comes straight from a production company, but in a modern society where promotion is just as important as the quality of your product, A24 is doing it right. Most people recognize A24 as the company behind accessible arthouse films; the brand has become a similar tool for quality filmmaking like Focus Features before it. The podcast takes a step from that brand culture, providing a show that celebrates the new age of filmmaking but never forgetting its past. Each episode pits two filmmakers in conversation, with past couplings including Ethan Hawke & Alia Shawkat, John Early & Toni Collette, and Barry Jenkins & Greta Gerwig.

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Hosted by Scott Feinberg and produced by The Hollywood Reporter, the hundreds of episodes available in Awards Chatter are a semblance of what awards season is like year to year. Feinberg sits down with buzz-worthy talent almost-weekly to discuss each person's professional and personal backgrounds, hoping to shape the image of where and how the art got to the place it is. Feinberg has a knack for getting his guests to reveal intriguing slices of their lives through clever and unique stories from behind-the-scenes. And, he's insightful enough to select guests who are on the verge of Emmy, Golden Globe, or even Academy Award nominations. Recent guests include Chadwick Boseman, Darren Criss, Tab Hunter, and Jessica Biel.

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KCRW, Los Angeles' NPR affiliate, is home to some of the best entertainment-focused shows, including The Business, the show that tackles the behind-the-scenes decisions that keep Hollywood running. Hosted by veteran journalist, Kim Masters, the weekly show promises lively banter with guests about the latest industry news and drama, as well as the makers behind the latest or soon-to-be hits. Masters is great at asking the right questions to keep interviews feeling light, but meaty. For an extra bonus, follow her on Twitter. Recent guests have included Debra Granik discussing her trip into the woods for Leave No Trace and Jon M. Chu on bringing Crazy Rich Asians to the big screen.

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Haven't subscribed to the cinephile's dream of a streaming service yet? What are you waiting for? FilmStruck is an incredible collection of historically relevant films and Criterion Collection masterpieces. Its podcast takes that level of film history-loving exuberance and elevates it with intimate discussions with today's burgeoning filmmakers and modern cinema's auteurs. Each episode, hosted by Alicia Malone, spends time dissecting some of cinema's classics, more obscure titles, and the projects on the verge of becoming this generation's masterpieces. Recent episodes have featured Jim Cummings, Bo Burnham, Leonard Maltin, and Todd Fisher.

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Vanity Fair has built itself an incredible collection of culture-rich podcasts, including In the Limelight, a weekly show that picks apart pop culture, entertainment, and celebrity. Its hosts are Vanity Fair's Julie Miller and Josh Duboff. Both offer witty banter that is equally relatable and engaging. Though they are both full-versed in the pop culture journalism world, they are still just as much overwhelmed by celebrity as the show's listeners. Find great discussions on everything from Meghan Markle's latest moves and heightened celeb culture from names like Beyonce, George Clooney, and more.

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Where Vanity Fair's In the Limelight is strictly focused on celeb gossip, Little Gold Men is strictly focused on the bread and potatoes of why many of those famous names are famous: movies and TV. Little Gold Men is a weekly roundtable show with awards season experts like Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson and Katey Rich. The show is produced year-round, focusing on festival season, the Cannes Film Festival, each and every awards show, and the ultimate cinephile event of the year: the Oscars. This is where you should go if you want relevant discussions on the films changing the game and the predictions you need to finally win your Oscar party pool.

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Each year a set of films are released to much speculation and fanfare, only to falter upon arrival. Those films, in their epic glory, are the heart of the This Had Oscar Buzz Tumblr page and new podcast. Each week, hosts and film critics Joe Reid and Chris Feil watch a recent Oscar-buzzed film and report back on what worked and didn't work. The conversation is accessible and the choices are sometimes hilarious, but always valid. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? Yup, they've looked into it. It's Complicated? They've discussed where it went wrong, even with a cast that includes Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. The joy of the podcast isn't in making fun of these productions, but in bringing to light how studios often miss the mark in telling, what should be, good stories. Stick around each episode for a round of the IMDb game.

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Easily the guilty pleasure, or just pleasure, of the group, Who? Weekly is the podcast about all of the celebrities you don't know. You've seen their names in print. You've heard them referenced on TMZ. But you still have no idea what's a Rita Ora and who's Bella Thorne. Journalists Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber have every inch of the pop culture kingdom covered in their twice-a-week show that includes the latest celeb gossip and determining who's a "Who" or a "Them." They've also welcomed celebrities in the past, including an iconic episode featuring Busy Phillips. If there was one podcast we'd suggest you binge-listen from the beginning, this is it!

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